★★★★★ Professional groomers who have lots of patience while grooming my dog. They did not rush through the whole grooming process but took into consideration of my dog's feeling. Will definately approach them again.
Cindy - Mom of Coco

Cooper gets very excited and hardly sits still for a second but Clara managed to calm him down and he even fell asleep a few times. She did a really great job on grooming Cooper and gave him a nice puppy cut. This really shows how patient and loving Clara is when she can calm my naughty boy down and make him enjoy grooming.
- Samantha, Mom of Cooper

I have never seen Ruby so relaxed and at ease during pet grooming before! She is usually very scared and shivers when she gets groomed but she was so relaxed she fell asleep today when Clara  was grooming her. I will definitely get Privileged pets to be Ruby's regular pet groomers as I never want her to be scared during grooming again.
-Michelle, Mom of Ruby

 Bonnie is like my daughter. I do not know how to groom her as she is very active and playful. I have tried bringing her to dog grooming salons but there was once she came home with ticks. Not only did Clara got rid of the ticks for her, she also gave her a beautiful haircut. Bonnie is now pretty and happy, all thanks to Privileged pets.
- Kelvin, Dad of Bonnie

Excellent work privileged pets! Your patience and love towards my darling who is so hyperactive is commendable. Keep it up! Will be back!! 
Nicola, Mom of Scrappy

  ★★★★★ Thank you Privileged Pets for making the lives of my puppies easier! We were not able groom our big baby Kishore's nails for the longest of time because he was just too scared of strangers touching his paws! Clara and Ben were so patient with him and improvised to the situation ! Managed to snip his nails off and he is so much more happier! Lulu had so much of fun with you guys! I love the way you were so professional and patient with my babies! Thank you so much for your wonderful service ! Thumbs up! ♡♡
Mahes - Mom of Kishore & Lulu

Sure was fun and enjoyable! I have to compliment Clara for her professionalism in grooming. Through we were "distracting" her with tons of questions, u can still see how delicate she was and making sure Selphy is not just an "object" and still getting her Privelliged treatment! Not forgetting "assistant" Ben who kept on praising Selphy for being such a Good girl throughout the whole session. Selphy was literally in love and she literally showered Ben with all the wet "kisses"! I wish I had more fingers to give more than 2 thumbs up! Now hoping that Selphy's fur grow faster for another privileged session! Good job!
Jason & Elsa, parents of Selphy

★★★★★ Thank you Clara and Ben! Both of you were very gentle and made the grooming sessions look so easy for both our girls. Shiba inus are known to be difficult to groom however due to your gentle and soothing nature, Kyzer was like putty in your embrace! Thanks again
Elaine & Alina - parents of Kyzer & Roxee
Bobo is a rescue dog that I adopted recently and she is very afraid of strangers. Her hair was getting matted and I brought her to a pet groomer nearby but they gave me a call later to get me to collect her saying that she is not "groomable" because she will not let them touch her. I decided to give mobile pet grooming a try and I was very impressed on how patient and gentle Clara was. She got Bobo to trust her and manage to give Bobo a completely new look and now she looks like a puppy again. Thank you Clara for everything!
- Karen, Mom of Bobo

I can wholeheartedly recommend Privileged Pets grooming services, they offer a speedy caring service, my dogs loves them, you can just tell when people love animals and these people do. I hope your business grows and grows on.
- Alison, Mom of Boswell and Tilly

I would like to say that this pet grooming service is the best I have ever used. They really love animals and care about not only their looks but their well-being. My dog and my sister's dogs were regularly visited when we lived in Australia. I am now living in UK and wish there was a privileged pet groomer here.  
- Anthea, Mom of Tess

A very happy cat and owner, for having brought my beloved pet here :-)
- Andrew, Dad of Felix  



  1. Thanks for being such a nice professional groomer to my pet rabbit! You guys are superb! I believe Loppy is very happy with her short nails and nice bod! Definitely will look for you guys again in future.
    Thanks so much for the great service!

  2. I'm a bit late writing this, but Clara and Ben came over to our flat in May to groom our Miniature Schnauzer called Biscuit. He had always found grooming very stressful, mainly because the groomers were usually quite rough and actually didn't seem to even like dogs very much! Clara and Ben were completely different - obviously big dog lovers - and their approach was wonderful: sitting on the floor, stroking Biscuit to keep him calm. Their way was patient, gentle and very careful. It was like a spa treatment. Biscuit almost fell asleep. In fact, I was so relaxed sitting there and watching that I nearly dozed off, too! The whole experience was lovely - and illuminating as well, since Clara and Ben are so knowledgeable about dogs. Biscuit's completely shaggy at the moment. We'll be contacting them again this weekend - we wouldn't ring anyone else now! - Brendan, Biscuit's Dad