Mobile Pet Grooming, Why Us?

Being pet owners ourselves for most of our lives, we have been through all the problems that you encountered when it comes to pet grooming. 
  • Our pets being tied up on grooming tables
  • The inconvenience of bringing our pets out for grooming 
  • Waiting and worrying long hours before finally being able to see them again
  • Risk having our pets abused and caged up in pet saloons 
  • Picking up undesirable parasites
  • Separation anxiety of our pets (sometimes owners ourselves :D)
  • Contact with other more aggressive pets 
This is why Privileged Pets has always been endorsing the concept of mobile/home pet grooming. It eliminates all the problems and risks listed above. We offer a solution to your worries and provide a grooming experience above and beyond your expectations.
  • We are the only groomers in Singapore that groom on the ground, for the comfort of your furkids.
  • Our grooming products are 100% natural and chemical free.  
  • Grooming is no longer a stressful and scary ordeal. It is now a pampering, personalised treat for your pets in the comfort of their own cosy homes. 
  • You get to watch and learn tips on grooming, nutrition and caring for your pets from our friendly groomers
  • A personalised grooming experience is catered to every pet by the same groomer to help build rapport and consistency.
  • Equipment are disinfected and cleaned after every use
  • With 24 hours mobile pet grooming that comes to your doorstep, it is convenience at its maximum  
  • We are the only after hours pet groomers in Singapore
When Privileged Pets was first established in Singapore before moving its operations to Australia, we were the pioneer in the revolutionary concept of mobile/home pet grooming. We do understand that there has been a rise in both the demand and supply of mobile/home groomers, but aren't you just tired of most of these unprofessional, freelance groomers that cannot seem to do the job right? 

At Privileged Pets, we are experienced and professional. It is a service provided by not only a professional pet groomer, but also as one devoted pet owner to another. This is why we believe every pet deserves nothing but the best, and as our company slogan goes, The Privileged Experience.

The only pet groomers in town who believes in cuddles and love. So comfortable, your baby can sleep and cuddle with toys while getting pampered.

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